beer list

With a desire to constantly change with the seasons, you can expect the taps and menu to rotate often, while still having some reliable options. Keep checking in here to see our current options on tap.



Our Take on a St Louis Classic. Clean, crisp and extremely refreshing.

Style: American Lager    ABV: 4.5%    SRM: 2    IBU: 14

Banana Hammock

With notes of green banana and a touch mango, this tropical belgian makes you picture a monk on a beach letting it all hang out!

Style: Dry Hopped Belgian Single    ABV: 5.2%    SRM: 6.2    IBU: 27.8

Awkward Side Hug

We went for a handshake of tropical fruit and citrus, we slid into a hug of peach and fresh orange peel! More familiar than a handshake, less comforting than a real hug, be sure to enjoy this beer with those you don't really know...

Style: Session IPA    ABV: 5.3%    SRM: 10.7    IBU: 41

When Life Gives You….

Bursting with lemony citrus notes from start to finish, with a pleasant tart flavor, this beer is a perfect way to welcome spring! Life gave us lemons, so we made a beer!

Style: Sour   ABV: 4%.   SRM: 3.5  IBU: 9.6

Holy Molé

Smoky Pepper and Chocolate notes accentuate this rich and smooth stout.

Style: Stout   ABV: 6%.   SRM: 35   IBU: 28

Saaz Hands

This delightful Pils, brewed with all Saaz hops is perfect day or night. It will have you doing Fosse, Fosse, Fosse!

Style: Czech Pils   ABV: 5.9%   SRM: 4.5   IBU: 32

Get Brown On It

Malty, rich, and roasty; with hints of dark chocolate.

Style: American Brown Ale   ABV: 4.8%.   SRM: 25   IBU: 26

Irish Flu

Get the sick notes ready with this nitro pushed Irish Extra Stout!

Style: Irish Extra Stout    ABV: 6.1%    SRM: 31.7     IBU: 30


Somewhere between madness and reason lies SEXY TIME!! Just like somewhere between malt and hop flavors, you find strong apricot notes throughout this unique APA.

Style: Triple Dry Hopped Double APA        ABV: 7.2%    SRM: 8        IBU: 69

Little Wee Wee

This clean malt bill gives a definite toffee profile on the front end, then finishes with notes of warm graham cracker and dates.

Style: Wee Heavy   ABV: 7%.   SRM: 22   IBU: 29